We of the Ichikawa-Ha Goju-ryu Japan Karate-do Sosui-kai wish to follow all of the teachings of Kensei ‘s way of training. In 1983, Ichikawa Kensei asked Taiani Sensei to travel to the Choso-ji Zen Temple and SIT. This was the start of looking into a whole new world of training in Budo. For many years, Taiani Sensei has been doing research in the two main schools of Zen
– Soto and Rinzai.

A Lesson from Ichikawa Sosui Kensei:

• You are made up of a body, mind and spirit.
• You work for many years training your body but now it’s time to work on your spirit.
• Taiani, you must remember that you, and everyone else, are a spirit living within a body using a mind.
• You know how to use your body in Budo.
• Now start to use your spirit.

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