Taiani Kaiso’s 10th Dan Promotion & 70th Birthday Party

Taiani Kaiso’s 10th Dan Promotion & 70th Birthday Party

On Saturday, April 23rd 2016, The Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai hosted a dinner in celebration of Taiani Choji Kaiso achieving the grade of Hanshi/ Judan and his 70th birthday.

After 56 years of dilligent study of budo and contribution to the art of Karate-do, Yamamoto Gonnohyoe So-Shihan, President and Chief Executive Master of the International Karate-do Organization (IKO) in Tokyo Japan awarded Taiani Choji Kaiso Hanshi/ Judan (10th Dan black belt).  In addition, The Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai also awarded Taiani Choji Kaiso the grade of Hanshi/ Judan (10th Dan black belt).

On behalf of everyone who was present at the celebration and the many people that could not be with us, we congratulate Taiani Kaiso on his achievement and wish him a very happy birthday, and many more.

Below are some of the photos of the event:

Taiani Kaiso’s Promotion to Hanshi/ Judan

Promotion to Hanshi/ Judan  十段 範士

The Kodansha-kai of the Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosuikai are pleased to announce that on March 7, 2016, they have bestowed the grade of Hanshi/ Judan  十段 範士 (10th Dan) upon their esteemed teacher, Robert Choji Taiani Kaiso.

“After 70 years of life, 56 years of unbroken training and in-depth study of Budo, as well as an incalculable contribution to the art of Karate-do, there is not a person more deserving of such a prestigious grade and title.

A disciple of Ichikawa Sosui Sensei, a most senior student of Yamamoto Gonnohyoe So-Shihan and a man who has traveled the world to train with some of the greatest instructors in Karate-do, we wish you congratulations on all your achievements and honor you with this Certificate of Grade.”

Hanshi/ Judan presented to Taiani Kaiso by the Kodansha-kai

Portrait of Taiani Kaiso



Taiani Kaiso’s 10th Dan Promotion

10th Dan Menjo Issued to Taiani Kaiso

The Kodansha-kai of Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai released an open letter of congratulations to Taiani Kaiso on his achievement: 


February 7, 2016 
An Open Letter to our Friends and Colleagues in Karate-do: 
Fifty six years ago.  That’s two generations.  The cost of U.S. postage was 4 cents.  The average cost of a new car was $2,600 and the cost of a gallon of gas to put in that car was 25 cents. 
That’s how long Robert Choji Taiani Kaiso has been actively involved in Karate-do and has never rested since the first day he walked into the Brownsville Boy’s Club and took his first class in this exotic and very special fighting art that was known by only a handful of people. 
Over the years, Taiani Kaiso has had the pleasure to meet and train with some of the most famous figures in martial arts.  In 1968, he was fortunate enough to be invited by none other than Yamaguchi Gogen Sensei to be his personal guest at the Goju Kai in Tokyo.  During his stay there and in between serious beatings, Taiani Kaiso was taken under the wing of one of Japan’s most fearsome fighters, Yamamoto Gonnohyoe So-Shihan and ultimately followed him after he broke away from the Goju Kai and formed the International Karate-do Organization (IKO).  Since the first evening class at the Goju Kai when Taiani Kaiso met the revered Yamamoto Sensei, who would hardly acknowledge Taiani Kaiso’s presence when he wasn’t on the receiving end of a technique, a senior-junior relationship developed that would last for the next 48 years.  It is important to highlight that, in addition to Yamamoto So-Shihan being Taiani Kaiso’s mentor and sharing with him his tremendous abilities in karate-do, he was also the individual that introduced Taiani Kaiso to the most influential figure in his karate-do career; Ichikawa Sosui Sensei, who would then share with him, his first western student, the mastery of his 64 years of diligent Budo Study that Taiani Kaiso cherishes and reflects upon every day. 

It is no secret that since his introduction to Ichikawa Sensei in 1973, Taiani Kaiso has dedicated his life to the principles of his teaching.  It is also widely known among his organization and peers that Yamamoto So-Shihan and Taiani Kaiso have always maintained a strong relationship as Yamamoto So-Shihan has observed and contributed immensely to Taiani Kaiso’s personal development.  It is with this that I would like to announce to all of you that Yamamoto Gonnohyoe So-Shihan has promoted Robert Choji Taiani Kaiso to Ju-Dan (10th Dan) Hanshi.


In contemplation of accepting this grade, the words of Yamamoto So-Shihan were a driving catalyst to Taiani Kaiso when he outlined the following, “Bob, nobody went through what you went through for as long as you did.  You and I were part of an era of karate that will no longer be.”  It was passages like these and much more personal dialogue that filled the three-page hand-written letter sent to Taiani Kaiso from Yamamoto So-Shihan spelling-out his deserving to be recognized as Ju-Dan (10th Dan) Hanshi on the date of January 20th, 2016. 
We, the students of Robert Choji Taiani Kaiso and the Kodansha Kai of the Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai would like to congratulate him on this monumental achievement. 


Fall Gasshuku 2015

Fall Gasshuku 2015

On September 20th, 2015, Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai held its Fall Gasshuku at the Goshinkan Dojo in Merrick, NY.

Taiani Kaiso directed the six-hour event and covered the following topics in depth:

            1) Da mo-Taiso Techniques  (warm-up and stretching)

            2) Kihon (basics)

            3) Kihon Ido (moving basics)

            4) Irimi (entering) Techniques for Kumite

            5) Shisochin Kata and Bunkai

            6) Postures, Technique and Kata of Kogen-Ryu Iai Jutsu 

Senior Members Stand in Sanchin-no-Kamae at the Direction of Taiani Kaiso

Seinchin Kata

Seipai Kata

Taiani Kaiso spent some time explaining how to perform some basic condition exercises.  The items that were highlighted were the Hand-Held Makiwara and the Tetsu-taba, which would be specifically used in Dako Training.

Left to Right – Tetsu-taba, Hand-Held Makiwara, Hashi-taba

It is with great please to announce that Scott Hassell Shihan has been awarded the Bubishi from Taiani Kaiso.  
Taiani Kaiso with Scott Hassell Shihan



Spring Gasshuku 2015

Spring Gasshuku 2015

On Sunday March 8th 2015, the Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai kicked off its annual Spring Gasshuku at the Goshinkan Dojo in Merrick, NY 

In addition to Taiani Kaiso’s students from the Honbu Dojo, we were joined by Khalid Newton Shihan and students from the Philadelphia Branch.  We were also pleased to welcome Eugene Holder Sensei of the Mibukan Dojo and Jeffers Loperbey Sensei, also from the Philadelphia area. 

Gasshuku started at 9:00am sharp with Chris Lorentzen Shihan taking the group through a very comprehensive set of Da Mo Taiso exercises. 

These exercises are important to avoid injury and to cultivate internal energy.

Christopher Lorentzen Shihan Leading Da Mo Taiso Exercises

The first segment of Taiani Kaiso’s plans for the day, at the request of several senior students, was a comprehensive look at Sanchin Ko Ho.  Sanchin Ko-Ho translated means, “Three Wars – Ancient Steps” and is a Southern Chinese predecessor of Goju-ryu Sanchin Kata. 

Khalid Newton Shihan, Chris Lorentzen Shihan, Mike Ryan Shihan observe Taiani Kaiso’s instruction on the kata Sanchin Ko-Ho 

John Gorman Sensei performs Sanchin Ko-Ho

Taiani Kaiso always makes it a point to teach his students about the pitfalls of modern karate-do and what the results can be when practitioners depart from the universal principles contained in real Budo.

 Sean Burden Sensei observing the lesson

During this segment of Gasshuku, everyone performed Sanchin kata with some new knowledge from Taiani Kaiso. 

Christopher Lorentzen Shihan Demonstrates Sanchin San-Po

Reggie Blanchard Sensei

(From Left to Right)  Jamal El Shihan, Jeffers Loperbey Sensei, Khalid Newton Shihan, Taiani Kaiso, Eugene Holden Sensei

Gasshuku wrapped up after approximately 6 hours of intense training and instruction and ended with a nice group photo. 

Participants of the 2015 Spring Gasshuku with Taiani Kaiso