Taiani Kaiso’s Promotion to Hanshi/ Judan

Promotion to Hanshi/ Judan  十段 範士

The Kodansha-kai of the Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosuikai are pleased to announce that on March 7, 2016, they have bestowed the grade of Hanshi/ Judan  十段 範士 (10th Dan) upon their esteemed teacher, Robert Choji Taiani Kaiso.

“After 70 years of life, 56 years of unbroken training and in-depth study of Budo, as well as an incalculable contribution to the art of Karate-do, there is not a person more deserving of such a prestigious grade and title.

A desciple of Ichikawa Sosui Kensei, a most senior student of Yamamoto Gonnohyoe So-Shihan and a man who has traveled the world to train with some of the greatest instructors in Karate-do, we wish you congratulations on all your achievements and honor you with this Certificate of Grade.”

Hanshi/ Judan presented to Taiani Kaiso by the Kodansha-kai

Portrait of Taiani Kaiso



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