Winter Gasshuku December 2011

Winter Gasshuku December 2011

On December 4th, 2011 the Ichikawa-Ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui Kai held its quad-annual gasshuku at the Goshin-Kan dojo in Merrick, NY. The gasshuku was conducted by R. Choji Taiani Sensei and included members of the Honbu dojo as well as participants from the Philadelphia branch.

The goal of the gasshuku was bunkai of the kata Seisan. In the first segment of the kata, Taiani Sensei discussed the importance of “clearing” the man’s incoming technique away from the body by utilizing two hands, as opposed to the traditional, ‘one-hand one-strike’ counter methods.

A major focus of the gasshuku and of Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu specifically, is the “continuous fist” principle. Taiani Sensei demonstrated the continuous fist principle and showed how one technique can be used strike your opponent multiple times. This was just another segment of training where the participants realize that there is no substitute for practice.

Taiani Sensei always teaches his students the importance of live practice. Every segment of demonstration was accompanied by plenty of time to see first-hand how the technique will work against an “unwilling” opponent.

At the end of the bunkai segment for Seisan kata, Taiani Sensei had everyone then work on the kata itself in order to visualize the bunkai in the movements.

Considering that Taiani Sensei gave us almost 6 hours of bunkai, visualization within the kata is also something we must all work on.

Khalid Newton Shihan performing Seisan Kata.

It is with great pleasure to announce the following awards and promotions: 

Two of our members tested for grade at the winter gasshuku and satisfactorily passed. 

Congratulations to: 

Richard Hornberger (San-Dan / Kenshi)

Richard Hornberger (right) awarded San-Dan / Kenshi grade from
Taiani Sensei

Christopher Lorentzen (right) Awarded Nana-Dan / Kyoshi grade 
from Taiani Sensei


Happy Holidays to all!

The Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Sosuikai had its annual holiday party. Everyone had a wonderful time.  

The whole clan getting ready to enjoy some good Italian fare and
celebrate the holidays

Taiani Sensei


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