Spring Gasshuku 2015

Spring Gasshuku 2015

On Sunday March 8th 2015, the Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui-kai kicked off its annual Spring Gasshuku at the Goshinkan Dojo in Merrick, NY 

In addition to Taiani Kaiso’s students from the Honbu Dojo, we were joined by Khalid Newton Shihan and students from the Philadelphia Branch.  We were also pleased to welcome Eugene Holder Sensei of the Mibukan Dojo and Jeffers Loperbey Sensei, also from the Philadelphia area. 

Gasshuku started at 9:00am sharp with Chris Lorentzen Shihan taking the group through a very comprehensive set of Da Mo Taiso exercises. 

These exercises are important to avoid injury and to cultivate internal energy.

Christopher Lorentzen Shihan Leading Da Mo Taiso Exercises

The first segment of Taiani Kaiso’s plans for the day, at the request of several senior students, was a comprehensive look at Sanchin Ko Ho.  Sanchin Ko-Ho translated means, “Three Wars – Ancient Steps” and is a Southern Chinese predecessor of Goju-ryu Sanchin Kata. 

Khalid Newton Shihan, Chris Lorentzen Shihan, Mike Ryan Shihan observe Taiani Kaiso’s instruction on the kata Sanchin Ko-Ho 

John Gorman Sensei performs Sanchin Ko-Ho

Taiani Kaiso always makes it a point to teach his students about the pitfalls of modern karate-do and what the results can be when practitioners depart from the universal principles contained in real Budo.

 Sean Burden Sensei observing the lesson

During this segment of Gasshuku, everyone performed Sanchin kata with some new knowledge from Taiani Kaiso. 

Christopher Lorentzen Shihan Demonstrates Sanchin San-Po

Reggie Blanchard Sensei

(From Left to Right)  Jamal El Shihan, Jeffers Loperbey Sensei, Khalid Newton Shihan, Taiani Kaiso, Eugene Holden Sensei

Gasshuku wrapped up after approximately 6 hours of intense training and instruction and ended with a nice group photo. 

Participants of the 2015 Spring Gasshuku with Taiani Kaiso


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