Spring Gasshuku 2014

Spring Gasshuku 2014 

On June 8th, 2014 the Ichikawa-Ha Goju-ryu International Karate-do Sosui kai held its semi-annual gasshuku at the Goshin-Kan dojo in Merrick, NY.   The gasshuku was conducted by R. Choji Taiani Kaiso and included members of the hombu dojo, Philadelphia & Nevada branches, as well as special visitors from Maryland and Texas.

The Gasshuku opened with a few words from Taiani Kaiso concerning the aims of the day.  Taiani Kaiso wanted the participants to understand that he was sharing information with them that he had learned directly from Ichikawa O-Sensei in private. 

One of the main focuses of the day was Tsuru-Ho Kata which Taiani Kaiso learned in 1976 from Ohtsuka Tadahiko Sensei by request of Ichikawa O-Sensei. Tsuru-Ho  translates to “Law of the Crane.” and is one of three crane kata contained in our curriculum.   In addition to Tsuro-Ho Kata, a segment of the Gasshuku was dedicated to some of the very devistating Aiki JuJutsu techniques that can be found throughout all of the Goju-ryu Kata.

Before beginning Tsuru-Ho Kata, Taiani Kaiso led the group through a rigorous regimen of kihon followed by some finer points to focus on in Sanchin San-Po.

Khalid Newton Shihan and Christopher Lorentzen Shihan Performing
Sanchin San-Po

It was necessary for all participants to understand the mechanics of Tsuru-Ho before Taiani Kaiso could move on to specific bunkai which he had planned.

Shuaiyb Newton Sensei Performing the Opening Technique of Tsuru-Ho.  








Chief Instructor Christopher Lorentzen Shihan
Demonstrates one of the Techniques of the Kata Tsuru-Ho.

David O’Donnell Sensei – Instructor of the Nevada Branch

Jamal El Shihan of the Philadelphia Branch Takes a Knee While Taiani Kaiso Discusses Aiki JuJutsu Techniques Within Kata.

R. Choji Taiani Kaiso (seated) and a Few Participants of the
2014 Spring Gasshuku

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