Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu Japan Karate-do Sosuikai

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Robert Choji Taiani Sensei
Chairman Emeritus
(4/26/1946 - 5/29/2024)
President and Chief Instructor of the Ichikawa-ha Goju-ryu Japan Karate-do Sosuikai.


Hara Naraki Sensei (Deceased)
(4/18/26 - 5/9/12)
Is the Soke of the Japan Buke Budo Kyokai


Miyazaki Toyotaro Sensei (Deceased)
(9/25/44 - 8/11/21)
Is the Saiko Shihan of the Japan
Karate-do Shotokai


Yonemoto Kiyoshi Sensei
Is one of the senior-most students of Ichikawa Sosui Sensei. He is Kancho of the Seibukan Dojo in Tokyo, Japan


Dr. John Hsi Lee
Has been a practitioner of White Crane Kung Fu for 40 years and was nominated for director of the White Crane Federation in Bejing China in 2013.

James Loretta

Mr. James Loretta
Began his martial arts training in 1969.  He is also the author of the book, "The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui" and teaches privately in Southern New Jersey.

John Scarpinito Board

Mr. John Scarpinito
Was one of Taiani Sensei's original students of the Brooklyn dojo.

Nathan Menaged

Mr. Nathan Menaged
Began his martial arts journey in 1976 with Taiani Sensei.  Nathan currently operates a dojo in Columbus, Ohio

Jeff Lovering

Jeffrey Lovering Sensei
Began Goshin Ju Jutsu training in 1976. He currently holds the title of Shihan and teaches in Merrick, New York

Greg Kozeny

Dr. Gregory Kozeny
A kidney specialist, began studing martial arts in 1971 and teaches in Chicago, Illinois


Mr. Robert Buttermilch
Is one of the original students of Taiani Sensei's Wantagh dojo and has also trained with Ichikawa Sosui Sensei


Mr. Hirooka Kazuaka
Is the Kaicho of Goju-ryu Karate-do Ichiryukai


Mr. Joe Swift
Currently resides in Japan and is the Tokyo Shibu-Cho of Karate-do Mushinkan.
Swift Sensei was awarded Shihan Menkyo and has also authored several books.


Mr. Cezar Borkowski
Is Hanshi/ Judan with well over 50 years of karate experience and is the Kaicho of Canada's Northern Karate Schools.


 Dr. Rony Kluger
Is Hanshi/ Kudan from the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai and Head Master of Karate-Do International with its headquarters in Petah Tikva, Israel.

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